I grew up having a fascination for cars and always thought that the sound of an engine rumble was one of the coolest noises a kid could hear. My grandfather restored classic mustangs, so naturally had a soft spot for Ford’s.  Over the years my love cars has broaden to include everything from the exotic to your cool jdm. I spend almost every weekend hitting up some kind of car show or meet up and have had the pleasure of attending both Pebble Beach and Sema. 

This page is dedicated to all the car guys out there no matter what you drive. I’ve included pics of some of my personal cars, along with cars I’ve built over the years, along with cars I’ve seen at car shows. I’ve also included some of the car parts and products I’ve used over the years because I’m always curious about what other guys use for their cars. Enjoy and feel free to shoot me an email.



Clothes, Shoes, Watches

Dressing cool and looking fly has always been something I took pride in. In high school we used to have contest to see who could go the longest without wearing the same clothes or shoes. I remember one guy who was a baller in high school going the whole school year without wearing the same outfit. People would wait for this guy to show up at school just to see what he was wearing. 
As an adult I still have that passion for clothing and I like to rock the latest kicks and gear always ready for my next photo shoot. This page is dedicated to all those fashion heads out there who like to look good in the clothes they wear and be in the mix with the hottest sneakers.

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