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Muscle Up Detail Spray

Muscle Up Detail Spray

Muscle Up Car Detail Spray Description


Muscle Up Car Detail Spray is a non-chemical eco-friendly cleaner that provides a quick and easy visual improvement to your vehicle of motorcycle. It removes dust, bugs, dirt, and smudges that can damage your paint finish. This handy spray detailer allows you to you simply spray and wipe off for quick and easy maintenance between car washes and waxes. Muscle Up Car Detail Spray is safe for all external car surfaces including, wraps and single-stage paint. Best applied with a premium microfiber towel.


Detailing made quick and easy with Muscle Up Car detail spray.


Muscle Up Car Detail Spray is the ideal way to preserve your paint between car washes. This easy-to-use spray detailer allows you to detail your car while enhancing your cars finish quickly and gently. Simply spray directly on to a section of your paint and gently wipe off with a fresh, clean premium microfiber towel. Then, flip your towel to a clean portion for a final wipe. The natural ingredients protect the surface and prevent swirling and scratching. Muscle Up Car Detail Spray is perfect for effectively removing light contaminants like dust, bugs, smudges, bird poop and other surface contaminants before they can damage the paint. Safe and effective for quick car cleaning on clear coat, wraps and single stage paint, and you’re able to detail a full-size car in less than 20 minutes!


How to use Muscle Up Car Detail Spray


  • For best results, make sure your cars surface is cool to the touch and you are working in the shade.
  • Spray your detailer onto one section of your vehicle at a time.
  • Use a premium microfiber towel and wipe the misted area.
  • Fold your towel to a clean, dry portion and wipe dry.
  • Continue to use the damp portion of the towel to wipe the misted area but follow up with a dry towel to prevent leaving streaks. Repeat this process on each section of your vehicle or motorcycle.
  • When your towel becomes to damp to the touch, replace it with a clean towel and continue the process. Be careful not to rub excess dirt or contaminants back into the paint.
  • Always use fresh, clean premium microfiber towels to prevent creating swirls.
  • Don’t let the spray detailer self-dry. If it does, spray that area again and wipe it off quickly with microfiber towel.
  • Don’t wipe strongly to the point you push contaminants back into the paint and create swirls. Simply mist more spray and allow contaminant to breakdown.


Benefits of using Muscle Up Car Detail Spray

  • Preserves the life of your paint or wrap without damaging your cars or motorcycles sealant.
  • Saves on time and makes detailing easy.
  • Natural ingredients that won’t strip away wax protection or damage your wrap. It enhances gloss, slickness, and wax protection.
  • Light paint cleaning with a spray detailer is safe and effective on all types of paints and clear coats.
  • Doesn’t leave residue on non-painted rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.
  • Provides a protective shine that last.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces.


Muscle Up Car Detail Spray Ingredients


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (Bio Active Enzymes) ….0.7%

Citric Acid………………………………………….0.55%

Lemon Grass Oil……………………………………0.15%

Capryl Glucoside (nonionic surfactant) ……………2%

Purified Water Commonly consumed food commodities conforming to 40 CFR 180, 950


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