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Growing up I didn’t have a male role model to teach me how to be a man. Older kids within my neighborhood were the only people I could aspire to be like. Following in their footsteps often influenced me negatively and gave me a narrow view of the world. It shaped my beliefs about what was possible for me. It made me develop a “me against the world” attitude that closed me off to the opportunity to solve problems for others. I ended up spending 10 years of my life in prison, but during that time, I faced myself and learned from my mistakes. I knew there was others like me who weren’t bad people but fell under negative influences. I made it my mission to be the role model I was missing. I also wanted to help others reinvent themselves from the person they were taught to be, into the person they wanted to be.

I’m Big Herc916, and I believe that everyone deserves positive mentorship and guidance.  I learned first hand the importance of having positive influences and environments to step into and grow in. I promised myself that I would do what I could to pave the way for others who the lacked the guidance. I believe it’s never too late to pick yourself up and turn yourself around. I am a living example. I know if I could do well for others and achieve the things I have achieved, then I would blow you away by showing you what’s possible for you.

I value Attitude, Patience, and Self-Awareness. Attitude is the most valuable asset we have. It determines how you see the world around you and how you interact in it. I value patience because success doesn’t happen over night. You have to be willing to stay the course, see it through, and remain focused. Self-Awareness is also key because knowing your strengths and weaknesses are the only way to consistently provide value to others and to defend yourself from temptation and distraction. 

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