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Marcus Timmons aka Big Herc916

Youtube Influencer, Life Coach, Public Speaker,

Meet Marcus

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, author and YouTube influencer.

Big Herc916 & Fresh Out

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Big Herc916 & Fresh Out

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Big Herc916 & Fresh Out YouTube

Marcus Timmons aka Big Herc916 has devoted his time as a YouTube influencer on the channel's Big Herc916 and Fresh Out since 2013 sharing stories of redemption and success. From interviewing ex-felons to multimillionaires, he has touched the lives of people from around the world with positivity and motivation.  This has led him to becoming a life coach and mentor to many young adults and creating the never settle for average movement with close to 500 million views to date. 

Media and Press

Vice aired a show about Big Herc and his life that got a lot of positive feedback. He has had numerous articles written about his success story from being a convicted armed bank robber to becoming a motivational YouTube personality.   Big Herc was interviewed by Fox News Los Angeles, featured in the Washington post, NY Times and Business Insider to name a few. He's also spoken at USC, Oxnard Community College, Washington State University, American Law University, Idaho State Prison and Locke High school.  No Jumper, Jesse lee Peterson are a few of the podcast Big Herc has been on

Big Herc, I just wanted to thank you for your motivational videos and lacing me up on game. I had a dad but he was really absent in my life. He never really taught me how to be a man. I've gone through most of my life learning by trial, error and failure by myself.  He would always tell me to figure it out myself. I just wanted to thank you for the positivity and helping me figure out the game. Stay up Big Herc

I'm a 15-year-old male living in California and I always felt like I had more aspirations than my friends until I fell into hole for a couple of years and I have to thank you for your advice because I stopped doing things like smoking weed, hanging out in large groups, doing stupid shit like selling drugs and started to get action for the first time , w women. I really have to thank you for lacing me up, for example, changing the programs I watch so I can achieve more because that is the base of what your goals are kind of built on. It sparked an interest in psychology and philosophy and I started attracting people instead of going after them and stopped having the victim mentality. I learned that no matter what hardships I had like hanging out with gang members that popped Percocet and smoked weed all day I can always change for the better and cut certain people off by slowly stopping talking to them. A lot of things about music you said stuck with me because I noticed the people I used to hang around only tried to put on an image and sucked all my energy and listened  to that gangster rap all day would be stuck in all illusion for the rest of their lives. Thank you BigHerc I will be successful one day.



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