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Almost missed my MCM. He is my ❤️#mcm😍


Sometimes you just want to talk to someone that will listen and get it out. If you have something you would like to share privately, hit me up in confidence.

I can relate to a lot of issues on a personal level because I’ve lived through some interesting circumstances.

I’m available starting off at 15 minute calls, if you leave your question when you book. I also offer half an hour for a phone or zoom session. Including  in person depending on arrangements. Hit me up for pricing. 


Word on the Street

Hello Big Herc, To start off, I am not messaging you to book an appointment about life coaching. The reason why I am contacting you today is to let you know the impact that your videos have had on my life. I am a 22 year old black Male in San Francisco and have been dealing with depression through majority of 2018. Towards the end of 2017, I got arrested for a crime I did not commit and ended up sitting in a solitary cell for 10 days. Once I got out, I've seen that my car has been hit and was no longer driveable. Not only that, but I got out to find out that I no longer had my job with Google as a technician, which had a greater impact on me than losing my car. Once I found that out, I immediately tried to get jobs elsewhere, but i proceeded to lose self esteem was almost committed suicide due to misery for my position. A friend told me about your Fresh Out channel on YouTube, which then lead me to your BigHerc916 channel. I watched most of your videos and several of them multiple times so that I can try to gain the most of everything you were saying and how it can help me with my position. After watching your videos, it made me realize that nothing will change as long as I'm feeling miserable about my position. I then went out to get a hair cut and go shopping after not doing so for most of 2018. I have tried to change my attitude towards life and then proceeded to apply for new jobs/ careers. Luckily, I got another car and then a job as a System Administrator with a UCSF in San Francisco on the same day. My position and the way I've seen life has changed dramatically and I feel like watching your videos has had a huge impact on my life and I may not have been here today if I did not find out about your life coaching videos. I wanted to say thank you for making videos to help out others and it has made me a big fan of you. Feel free to share my story with others as proof that the stuff you say holds a great amount of weight and can truly help others. Best Regards,

Hi Big Herc, Just wanted to send a message of positive feedback for your YouTube channel. Your work is truly impacting lives. It has helped me develop my self confidence and self esteem in a tremendous way. As a young professional working in the banking industry, I am blessed to have the natural drive to achieve quite a bit (obtaining a college degree, management position in a Fortune 500 company, and being able to give back to youth through mentoring), but always felt I lacked a bit of confidence and self esteem. Your work influenced me to go deeper, in which allowed me to become aware of issues from childhood and how to overcome it by surrounding myself with positivity on a daily basis. Your work motivated me to heal those wounds, and begin a path to reach my true potential. Of course, there is still work to be done, but certain content can be a catalyst for true change, I am here to say yours has been for my life. Herc - keep doing what you do, it is leaving a positive impact for folks like me who are grateful to hear your positive and authentic message. Many Blessings,

 just wanted to drop a thank you with as much sincerity as I can 
muster. I'm a 23 year old white man, I've had no real difficulties, 
criminal background or anything of the sort however I have had some 
trauma with things such as the loss of both my parents, and that had 
created a void in me, and a big part of that void was the lack of advice 
I needed on certain parts of life. Your channel, both the prison related 
vlogs and the personal vlogs have helped me tremendously. You've offered 
great advice for all walks of life, helped shape the decisions i've made 
some of which have changed my life an extraordinary amount for the 
better (and on the sly, you've helped me kill plenty of time at work 
listening to your videos too, excellent orator, very talented.) You've 
also opened my eyes to certain perspectives I was not aware of, and some 
I would have never been aware of otherwise and that alone is extremely 
impactful in waves most people won't realize.
That's all man, i'll keep it short. Thank you, you deserve a bunch of 
success, keep splitting wigs!

I just want to say thank you for your motivation. I am a marine veteran. I am in drug and alcohol recovery for almost a year now. I was throwing away my college education and was well on my way to spending a year in county lock up for probation violation but i decided to give sobriety another shot. Your youtube channel motivates me to stay positive and away from the drug dealers that i was rollin wit. I go to AA meetings and chair the friday night meeting at the AA club. As soon as i hit my one year mark in june imma start chairing the aa meetings they have at the state prison that is about 10 miles from my house. You inspired me to let hommies in prison know that there is a way out of the cycle. And its my way to give back to the community. Cause a lot of these cats go back to prison for the same shit...DRUGS AND ALCOHOL DWI. Thanks for the motivation big dog!

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