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Wash Your Ass Soap

Wash Your Ass Soap

Wash Your ASS Soap  New Scents and packaging!Make sure to keep your hygiene on point!

These 5 oz bars will not disappoint.


Available Scents



Distinct fruit blend of cranberry, wild cherry, black raspberry, and nashi pear.


Big Money

Very complex blend. Mostly sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, and about a dozen other fragrances. Contains activated charcoal as an exfoliant.



Light citrus mixed with hints of jasmine, rose, and hyacinth with musky base.


Cool Daddy

 Smells like a sporty cologne. Men's type fragrance, something you'd expect from an Axe Shower Gel.


Delight Me Mango

Pure mango love. Sweet fresh mangos, no extras.


Fresh Mountain Air

Fresh clean linen fragrance with hints of aloe vera. Contains activated charcoal!


Honey Dew Me

Honeydew melons mixed with freshly sliced cucumbers.


Jamaican Daze

Pineapple top notes with citrus mid notes. Hints of sweet floral as well.


Jungle Luv

Bananas mixed with oranges and hints of cherry and kiwi.


Kings Blood

Fragrance contains top notes of amber, vanilla, and patchouli. Also has hints of orange and other fruity base notes.


Luv You Long Time

Fresh herbal blend with sweet fruity undertones. Contains sea salt.


Lemons Daze

Blend of sweet lemon and natural lemon oil with actual lemongrass!


Monkey Toots

Banana, grapefruit, kiwi, and strawberries. Smells much better than the name suggests!


Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

The best Oatmeal Milk & Honey in the world. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.


Oahu Bliss

Sweet orange top notes with hints of lemon, patchouli, and other musk’s.


Party Time

Sweet and fruity. Pomegranate, cherry, and about a dozen other fruits. Very Strong!


Scrub Me Naked

Apple, pear, orange, and other fruits mixed with a light coconut fragrance. Exploding with fruity scents. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.


Suck Me Honey

Amazing pure honeysuckle fragrance. Contains rose petals!



Triple citrus blast of lime, lemon, and sweet orange.


Wolf Call

Sweet but Strong earthy men's fragrance. Hints of citrus and amber.









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